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A few tips on how to interest a partner on a dating site

2023-11-15  A few tips on how to interest a partner on a dating site

What should you include in your profile description and what should you not? Don't write platitudes. Your goal is to get acquainted, and if you write the same descriptive words as 90% of site users use, then you will not be remarkable in any way. It is better not to write such common phrases as “I’m an interesting girl”, “I like to read” and other similar things. Avoid being too general. Be specific about your hobbies. This can add a little intrigue. How can you get more detailed? You are not just an interesting girl or an interesting guy, but you love snowboarding, you love skiing or diving, or you love cooking jam, you love cooking raspberry jam. It is worth writing in such a way that pictures and images are drawn in the head of your potential reader, using visual, auditory and sensory aspects.

You can add some facts about yourself, but leave room for intrigue and not fully disclose them. For example, you can write that you love to study, and are now studying one interesting subject that you will reveal during communication. Agree, it’s interesting, what are you studying there? Sometimes you can add such understatement.


Be polite and charming. Nobody is interested in sullen boors. Avoid harsh language and obscenity. This seems obvious, but believe us, there are those who violate this elementary rule.

Write regularly. A girl is unlikely to take someone who sends one message every two weeks seriously. How often should you write? This question is difficult to answer. We would suggest that you adapt to the partner with whom you are corresponding.

And now a few words about what you should not do under any circumstances. Don't teach your interlocutor how to live. Most people, regardless of gender, find this incredibly annoying. Do not start aggressive discussions in correspondence, especially avoid topics of politics and religion. There are much more suitable places for such disputes in the Internet than a dating site. Do not put pressure on your interlocutor and do not try to command. Remember - she doesn't owe you anything. And if you behave inappropriately, the easiest option for her would be to stop communicating with you.


One of the main rules is to post reliable information about yourself. You should not reduce your age, weight or increase your height. According to the rules of etiquette, it is not recommended to show off several higher education degrees or too high an income if you don’t have any. It is not recommended to hide information about children. It is impossible to start building a serious relationship with deception.

Be sure to post your photo on the site. It is believed that for a woman, the character of a man is more important than his appearance. In most cases, this is true. And yet this is not a reason to refuse to post a photo. Firstly, profiles with photos always generate more interest. Secondly, communicating with a person whose appearance you know is more comfortable. The absence of a photograph raises suspicions.

Use recent photos in your profile. Try to ensure that the pictures reflect your current image as accurately as possible. Search for a partner who has a good profile, not just nice photos.

Focus on the individual. It is advisable to decide in advance on the criteria by which you will search. Be sure to set a specific goal, for example, friendship, communication or a serious relationship.


Never send money to online acquaintances. You should not do this even if you have feelings and it seems to you that your partner has serious intentions. Do not talk about your financial situation; if it comes to a meeting, organize it in a public place. Try to get as much information as possible about the person. You should not agree to a meeting if the date is scheduled unexpectedly and at night. By following safety rules, you can protect yourself as much as possible.


Do not give up

In the Internet, as in real life, it is difficult to meet your soul mate, but for a persistent person who is confident in his abilities, nothing is impossible. Remember this when mistakes and failures occur. Tune in to the fact that with every mistake, the chances of happiness only increase.

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